KOREA VISA | visit Korea 2022| Korean visa

KOREA VISA | visit Korea 2022| Korean visa


 Visa requirements Consular/Visa Service Visa requirementsShare SNSI.

Korea Visa Working hours: Acceptance of applications: Monday to Friday 9:00 – 11:00 (opening hours may change)

Return of passports: Monday to Friday 9:30-11:30

Processing time: a minimum of 3 weeks after receiving the request THE EMBASSY HAS NO OBLIGATION to elucidate THE REASON FOR REJECTION.II.

Visa Information for Pakistani Nationals:

Pakistani nationals holding a daily passport must obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Korea.Holders of diplomatic and official passports are exempt from the visa requirement for stays of but 90 days in Korea.

Korea Visa Required documents 

All applicants are requested to submit the subsequent documents Passport (valid for a minimum of six months).

01 form (completed personally by the applicant)

01 latest color passport size photo Documents by status category (see below).

Letter of Authorization (If the applicant is visiting Korea for the second time, physical appearance isn’t required)(More than 91 days)

Medical certificate and TB test report (Check Official Medical Centers website – Visa Notice)Consent to quarantine III.

Short-Term Visit Visa (Business; C-3-4) (less than 90 days) i.

Documents to be prepared by the Korean Inviter Invitation letter from Korean company [original and notarized]Warranty certificate from a Korean company [original and notarized](

Copy of Korean company registration certificate. Documents to be prepared by the Pakistani Participant Certificate of national tax number of the corporate and person (original and copy) KOREA VISA

Certificate of payment of corporate and private tax (original and copy)

Company registration certificate (original and copy)

Company and private bank statement for the previous six months Supporting documents for business relationships, e.g. L/C, B/L, purchase contract for more information visit : www.humaravisa.com


Note: Multiple entry visa KOREA VISA

A person who has visited Korea more than 4 times in the past 2 years without violating Korean immigration regulations and other laws is eligible to apply for a multiple entry visa.The documents are the identical as above.

Note: Multiple Entry Visa (Visa Free)Those who have visited Korea more than 4 times within the past 2 years at the time of application or. (At least one among the visits must be within the last 2 years)


Visa details: Short-term general (C-3-1), Valid for five years with a maximum stay of 30 days. (Business purpose includes)IV. 

Short-term visa (family visit, conference; C-3-1) (less than 90 days)i.

Documents to be prepared by the KOREA VISA Inviter Invitation letter from Korea [original and notarized]Letter of Guarantee from Korea [original and notarized]

Copy of Foreigner Registration Certificate or Visa (in case the invitee may be a citizen of Pakistan)Other documents explaining the aim of entry ii.

Documents to be prepared by the Pakistani Participant Employment certificate/letter of advice Bank statement for the previous six months Others, e.g. marriage certificate (in case of marriage to a Korean), kinship paper, etc.V. Student Visa (D-2)i.


Documents to be prepared from Korea Letter of acceptance from college/university president (original)Scholarship certificate from educational institute Korea School Business Registration Certificate. ii.

Documents to be prepared in Pakistan Original certificates/degrees of education (verified by HEC or Related Educational Board).

English language certificate (preferably IELTS)Original and replica of education certificate / degrees Those who get a scholarship in Korea should provide a scholarship letter/financial support letter from the university.

Bank statement of financial guarantee (own)Bank statement of financial guarantee, financial affidavit (parents)* Bank statements for the last 6 months with enough money to hide all the expenses of your stay in Korea for confirmation of acceptance. the cash must be kept in the account for at least 1 month. We cannot accept bank statements issued quite 2 weeks before the date of your application KOREA VISA.

If the applicant is unable to support himself financially, he can submit either Doc 1) or Doc 2) along with the applicant’s own bank statements.

1) Parents’ financial affidavit: photocopy of parents’ passport, letter of consent with signature explaining that the oldsters will fully support the applicant financially, 6 months’ statement from the parents’ checking account with a balance that can cover a certain amount mentioned above for the last 1 month and birth certificate or proof of family relationship to confirm the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor.2)

If you get a scholarship, you want to submit a scholarship certificate. On the certificate, the sponsor should clearly state the small print of the scholarship such as the name of the recipient and the total amount of money etc.VI. Spouse of a  KOREA VISA (Spousal Visa)


 Eligibility: Spouse of Korean nationalty. Documents to be prepared by the Inviter (Korea)Official marriage certificate (specific)

Basic Certificate (Specific)

Family certificate (specific)

Copy of Korean ID card Resident Registration Certificate (Original)Passport

copy Real estate cadastre certificate / lease agreement Invitation letter [original and notarized]Letter of Guarantee from Korean Spouse [Original and Notarized](The official guarantee form are often downloaded from the Korean Immigration Official Medical certificate Full documents should be invited to the website: http://overseas.mofa.go.kr/pk-ko/brd/m_3351/list.doii.

Documents to be prepared by the invitee (in Pakistan)

Marriage certificate (issued by NADRA in Pakistan / in English) attested by a notary of Pakistan Police character certificate Medical certificate and TB test report VII. Dependent Family Visa (F-3): Family Reunification Eligible Family Members: Spouse and minor relations of Pakistani nationals holding D-1, D-2, D-4, D-7, D-8, D-9 and E-7 visas.

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