Saudi Arabian MOFA | Visit Saudi 2023 | Golden opportunity

Saudi Arabian MOFA | Visit Saudi 2023 | Golden opportunity

What is the Saudi Arabian MOFA?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFAs), Saudi Arabia, is responsible for managing the country’s international relations. This includes political, cultural, and financial issues, the functions of which are carried out by the Kingdom’s diplomatic missions around the world.

The Saudi Arabian MOFAs have approximately 100 embassies and consulates around the world to assist its citizens overseas as well as foreign citizens who wish to visit the country. Created in 1930 by royal decree by the late King Abdulaziz Al Saud, MOFAs are one of the first ministerial bodies to be created in the newly united kingdom. King Abdulaziz established foreign diplomatic relations by receiving delegates from other countries to the KSA as well as sending representatives from his own country. For more information like this visit

Saudi Arabian MOFAs

In 1926, he established the first General Directorate of Foreign Affairs in Mecca, which was later elevated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1930. King Abdulaziz’s son, King Faisal, became the kingdom’s first foreign minister.

In 1926, in Saudi Arabian MOFAs the United Kingdom became one of the first countries to recognize the KSA as a sovereign state. London was one of the first places where Saudi Arabian MOFAs established their diplomatic mission, after Cairo in 1930. Over the years, the two countries have developed strong ties involving educational, cultural, political, military, and commercial issues that benefit their citizens.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an important executive branch of the KSA government, dictating the laws regarding visa requirements for the Kingdom’s embassies around the world, including the one in London. To travel from the UK to KSA for any purpose, Saudi Arabian MOFAs a traveler must have a letter of invitation issued or verified by the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia before their visa application can be processed.

Saudi Arabian MOFAs

Services provided by the Saudi Arabian MOFAs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia plays an important role in managing the country’s diplomatic relations. It is involved in the creation and implementation of foreign policy, based on the principles of the kingdom, in order to protect its national interests and maintain international peace and security. The Ministry formulates all visa regulations regarding entry and exit from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and forwards them to its embassies and consulates around the world. One of the first things required to apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia is an invitation letter issued by the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia stating the purpose and duration of the trip. In relation to this,

MOFA Services

The services provided by the MOFAs are as follows:

1. KSA Entry Clearance

Processing entry visa applications from the Kingdom’s diplomatic missions abroad through the Enjaz website. This includes student visa applications. Processing takes approximately 3 to 5 business days.

Saudi Arabian MOFAs

2. Invitation of Foreign Diplomatic Organizations

This is a request by a person or group to visit a KSA government agency, a foreign diplomatic mission in the KSA, or a company based in the KSA. It can be a foreign government agency, a charity, a diplomatic mission, or a team of foreign experts in various fields. Processing may take approximately 3 business days. Online Passport Registration and Flight Data Services: Providing online services to Saudi nationals abroad to apply for or renew their passports. Solutions for reissuing passports, in case of theft or loss. Issuance of emergency travel documents.Online payment for passport services: Saudi citizens abroad can pay passport and visa fees, including medical certificate fees, online through the Enjaz portal.

3. Amendments to Visa Applications

Saudi Arabian MOFAs allow Saudi citizens abroad to amend details in their visa and passport applications. Visa Status Inquiry: KSA visa applicants can inquire about their visa application status and validity online.

4. Provision of information on Saudi diplomatic passports

Information on Saudi diplomatic and private passports can be obtained through MOFA.

5. Certification Services

Legalization of documents including education certificates, marriage contracts, business documents, and confirmation letters issued by accredited institutions in the UK to be used for various purposes in SA. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepts requests for document verification through its website.

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