How to Get Belgium Study Visa | Application Form 2021 | Hamara Visa

How to Get Belgium Study Visa | Application Form 2021 | Hamara Visa

Introduction Belgium Study Visa:

Belgium have historical ambience, legal justice, economical prosperity and top rated education are few of the many factors contributing to make Belgium a top favorite study abroad destination. Belgian people are famous for humble attitudes and welcoming nature, no wonder the country is home to German, French, Dutch and Turkish expats. Foreigners of EU countries, do not required any visa to study in Belgium but those who are not from EU countries required a student visa to study in  Belgium.

The following steps will guide and explain a step by step guide of attaining a student visa of Belgium:

  • Letter of acceptance.
  • Contact Belgium Embassy.
  • Documents Required for a Student Visa of Belgium.
  • Arrive in Belgium.

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Letter of Acceptance:

Student visa starts as soon as you receive an acceptance letter from a Belgium University. After submission of application successfully. The students would have to wait for an official documents approval from Belgium University. The letter of acceptance issued by Belgium institutes having your name serves as an official invitation which you will show to the Belgian Consulate or Embassy at your country to inquire visa process. The acceptance letter will only be accepted if it is from an accredited institute of Belgium Government Belgium Study Visa

Contact Belgian Embassy:

The applicants are required to appear at nearest Belgian Embassy or Consulate in their home country personally and inquire if they need a visa or not. If your study program is more than 90 days then you will be required to apply for “D Type Visa”. The Embassy will inform you about the requirements and visa application deadline.


Documents Required for Belgium Study Visa:

  • A totally filled and signed study visa application form by the applicant.
Note: It is advised to take more than one visa application form from Embassy.
  • Valid passport.
  • Proof of financial backup (i.e: show a financial proof in form of bank statement or credit card statement proving that you have enough financial resources to bear your fee study and living expenses and return ticket)
  • Medical Statement.
  • A letter from police station which is a clearance letter that you have no criminal record or legal offence registered on your name.
  • An acceptance letter from Belgian Institute.
  • Original Certified Academic Transcripts
  • A statement from employer.
  • Copies of all your academic transcripts of attained diplomas.
  • A document giving brief description of the study program you have taken admission in Belgian institute.
  • The documents must be in German, Dutch, French or English language.
  • Letter of Intent (a letter containing details why he/she chosen certain program of study at a Belgian University and explain his/her professional goals).
  • Certificate of Language Proficiency Test.
  • Proof of paid tuition fee.
  • Proof of arranged accommodation.

As You Arrive in Belgium:

All EU and Non-EU nationals have to report at local municipal administration office of Belgium near to their residence address. They must report at the office within eight days of arriving in Belgium. The municipal administration will issue a resident permit to students allowing them to work while they study and it will serve as their identity card for entire duration of their stay in Belgium. The students will be allowed to enter other Schengen states by using this resident card as their identity without a visa but the visit must not be longer than 3 months. The resident card needs to be renewed after every year and the application for renewal of resident card application must be submitted 40 to 15 days before the card expires.

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