Finland Study | Application Form 2021 | Humara Visa

Finland Study | Application Form 2021 | Humara Visa


Finland has a beautiful landscape, a clean and fresh air, peace and tranquility, a high standard of education, and a high standard of living for citizens and foreigners. Located in the northernmost part of the planet, Finland Study has a tolerant and cultivated society. Finns have a long tradition of providing adult education; Finland is ranked first as the highest quality education in the world by the Economic Forum. Higher education in Finland is divided into two distinct disciplines that are technically oriented and all that is outstanding in its field. Finland has an impressive track record of project success and quality of education. Studying abroad in Finland fully guarantees personal growth and learning and progress that will ultimately create a lot of job prospects after graduation.

Pakistan Student Visa for Finland Process 2021`

Foreign students who are not born in Finland need a student visa or student residence permit for the purpose of studying in Finland. A Finnish scholar’s visa and therefore a student residence permit in Finland are two separate documents.

Finland Study Student Visa:

Students register during the short-term program but 90 days are granted a visa for Finnish students. Designed for linguists to study language or are invited to Finland by conducting an entry test for the requirement of the adoption of a future curriculum.

Finnish Student Residence Permit 2021:

Student residency permit in Finland Study is issued to those students enrolled during a future 90-day study program at Finnish universities. Student residency permits in Finland are granted for a period of one year initially extended annually until the end of the study program.

Letter of Welcome from the Finnish University and the Ambassador of Finland

To obtain any 2 student visa or student residence permit, students are required to be admitted to a Finnish university. Once you have met the entry requirements of the University of Finland and completed the entry procedures, the university will issue a letter of acceptance on your behalf. Scholars then need to go to the Embassy of Finland or the Consulate in their country by holding a meeting. Scholars are required to appear in person at the Embassy on a scheduled date for the collection of visa details and visa process information. The visa policy for each country is different but the following standard documents are required to be submitted with the visa application of the Finnish Embassy of the student visa or student residence permit.

Download Study Application Form for Finland Study

Required Documents for Pakistani Students to apply for Finnish Visa 2021 Visa

Completed and signed visa form (student residence permit form or student visa-based form for your study period)

Valid passport (must be valid for at least 12 months in length on the date you submit the application)

Original letter of acceptance from the University of Finland.

Latest Passport Image Images.

Proof of sufficient funds (Bank statement or MasterCard statement confirming that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover his / her tuition and living expenses in Finland for the duration of his / her stay.  You will be able to prove that you can spend 560 Euros per month or 6720 Euros per year. For one year because student residency permits are issued for one year initially renewed one year until the completion of the study program.)

Proof of residence (residential address in Finland or a reservation book, rental contract or hotel reservation document)

Proof of tuition fees.

Prove of travel ticketing.

Adequate insurance coverage for the entire period of your stay in Finland (international insurance card)

Certificate of Medical Examination (The Finnish Ambassador will provide you with a list of its accredited testing centers in your country. The applicant must be in good health and not be affected by any disease that would be dangerous to public health in general).

Proof of unadulterated record (Letter of approval from police headquarters or national legal authorities confirming that the applicant is not involved in any criminal activity and has a clean record.).

Applicants’ entry into Finland has been denied in the past those eligible to apply for a Finnish student visa

Documentation of your academic records (certified and certified documents from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of your country)

English Language Performance Test Certificate (Get IELTS Future Details, TOEFL Test Days Here)

Visa Receipt fee (300 to 330 Euro) is not refundable.

All texts must be translated into English or Finish or Swedish.

Representatives of the Consulate may call you for an interview. For a chat session you need to hold your original texts.

A student visa or student residence permit in Finland can take a period of four to six weeks to verify documents and requirements.

External Researchers in Pakistan for Finland Study

Minor errors or incorrect information in use or documents may result in visa rejection or delay. Finnish student visa requirements or student residence permits must be processed as soon as you apply for admission as time will be limited and documentation is a time-consuming process as well. Finnish student visa equipment must be filed immediately upon receipt of the letter of acceptance without delay.

By hiring study abroad consultant, much concussion and anxiety of visa documentation and application submission could be avoided. The study abroad consultants are experts during this field they’re going to guide you step by step procedure and assist you in arranging the documents because they’re conscious of do’s and don’ts of visa procedure. A substantial amount of your money are often saved and your chances of visa acceptance are often increased for Finland Study

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