Study In Latvia | Admissions Open [2021] | Humara Visa

Study In Latvia | Admissions Open [2021] | Humara Visa

Study In Latvia in abroad  has many benefits that involve personality grooming, mind broadening, global exposure, recognized degrees, study of broad based curriculum and studying in international and modern teaching system. The Latvian Universities are renowned for mastery in IT, Business Management and Medicine coursesLatvia has affordable living expenses and tuition fee is reasonably structured. The general requirements to study abroad in Latvia for outer country students are briefly explained in this following sections:

Admission Requirments in Latvian Universities for Pakistani Students 2021

The most spoken languages in Latvia are Latvian and Russian . But English is commonly spoken and almost all universities in Latvia. For admission purpose the first step is to find an English taught course of your interest in a right Latvian University. After selecting the study programme and university you want to study in Latvia, check its admission requirements. Latvian universities don’t have  complex merit for admissions but students must have required to have academic eligibility criteria for Latvian education standards. A few of study programes such medicine, engineering and IT have more specific and high merit for admission. In genera, the admission eligibility in Latvian universities for higher education courses are as follow:

  • Under Graduate Study Programes 2021:

The students must have completed Higher Secondary School Diploma with passing grades of at least 60% in each subject. Entrance examination; it can be taken in form of motivation letter or online examination. Skype Interview: the faculty member of your chosen study field will ask curriculum related questions to assess your academic readiness and previous set of skills.

  • Post Graduatte (Masters) Study Programmes 2021:

The students must have a BS Degree (4 years duration course) which must be attained from a recognized institute of your country. The overall grades attained in Bachelors degree must be minimum 60%. The B.A Degrees and Bachelors of General Science Degrees  is not elegiable for Masters level admissions in Latvia. The admission will only be granted after entrance exam and Skype interview satisfactory results.

  • Post Graduate (PhD) Study Programes 2021:

Passed BS Degrees , MS Degree  from recognized institutes of your country with good marks are required for admission. The students will submit research proposal, previous research experience and work experience documents. Skype Interview will be conducted for admission as well. Study In Latvia

Study In Latvia Visa Requirements 2020 for Pakistani’s students :

The Visa requirement documents are country specific and are different for each country but generally the following documents are required by all nationalities for Latvian Students Visa: Study In Latvia

  • 1st Valid Passport
  • 2nd Original Acceptance Letter
  • 3rd Proof of Security Fee Deposit (Latvian Universities take 500 to 750 USD as security fee that shall be returned to students at the end of their study programmes)
  • 4th Proof of Paid Tuition Fee
  • 5th Visa Application (Completed and signed)
  • 6th Proof of finances (Bank statement or credit card statement demonstrating the student can spend 450 Euros per month in Latvia during studies)
  • 7th Proof of Accommodation Arranged in Latvia (Rental contract with residential address)
  • 8th Health Insurance Coverage
  • 9th Medical Examination Certificate
  • 10th Clearance letter from police stating the applicant has no criminal record or case registered against them
  • 11th Visa application Fee Receipt (Can be around 120 USD)
  • 12th English Language Proficiency Test Certificate

Living and Study Expenses in Latvia for Pakistani Students: Study In Latvia

Latvia has radiant and charming city life and serene calm country areas. The living standards and accommodation design are according to modern day life style. Large numbers of international students are getting enrolled in Latvian Universities because of top quality of education and cheap cost living. An average amount of 430 to 500 Euros is required by a student to bear his/her living expenses in Latvia per month. Foreign students also have permission for part time working hours during studies which makes it rather easier for students to earn money and manage their budget on their own without requiring finances from back home.

Study Expenses in Latvia:

  • Under Graduate Study Tuition Fees f Latvian Universities: 
  • 2,200 to 3,000 Euro per yearMedicine and dentistry related courses are very much expensive with tuition fee ranging from 5000 to 13,000 Euros per year.
  • Post Graduate Study Tuition Fee in Latvian Universities: 
  • 2,000 to 3,000 Euro per year. Business Administration (BA) and Medicine related courses are very much expensive at Masters Level with tuition fee is around about 6,000 Euros per year.
  • Post Graduate (PhD) Study Tuition fee in Latvian Universities: 
  • 3,400 to 4000 Euro per year.

Living Expenses in Latvia for Asian students:


  • 1st A Single Room or Shared Room in University Dormitory: 70 to 120 Euros per month
  • 2nd Studio Type Apartment or One Bed Room Flat: 250 to 300 Euros per month
  • 3rd Shared Flats: 120 to 250 Euros per month for per person Study In Latvia

Working in Latvia

After Studies:

After studies the students have to find a short term or long term employment contract to stay in Latvia. After graduation they must exit the country and re return on work permit to work and stay in Latvia. For work permit, the employer hiring the fresh graduates will send invitation letter and employment contract to them at their home country.

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