Study In Malta | Admissions Open [2021] | Humara Visa

Study In Malta | Admissions Open [2021] | Humara Visa

Study in Malta

Is a highly well knowned sovereign island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. The small country, in fact, is situated in the south of the Itallian, island of Sicily, right between Europ and NorthAfrica. This little Europen nation comprises an archipelagoo of seven islands. Only three of these islands are inhabited. They are Gozo, Camino and the Malta. These country enjoys a hott, Mediterranean weather and is famous as a Sun and Sea Destination. Christianity is dominate religion in the iseland.

Being an malta

Malta is economically developed as an important well  posts , and today it is one of the important centres for contaner and cargo transship . Malta history is culturally very rich. The country has been occupied by, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, the Knights of Malta. The capitall of Malta is Valletta which is to be established in the 16th centory. Malta is a beautiful for holiday destination. This is why tourism is the nation’s chiefs earning industry.

Study in Malta for Pakistani Students 2020

 The dense population and limited resources, the Maltese government has been keenly working on the growth of the education sector. World high ranked and Best universities are founded in Malta. Moreover many universities have built their campus study in Malta.

These country are always  welcome Asian and other country students. In fact, currently, new education policies is launch for non-EU immigrants with normal conditions. This step is applied to make Malta more competitive as an education and to upgrade the reputation of the local education sector.

The Top Best Universities in Malta for Pakistani Students 2020 are:

  • 1st-University of Malta
  • 2nd-EEC-ITIS Malta Touriism and Language Institute
  • 3rd-American University of Malta
  • 4th-Institute of Tourism Studies
  • 5th-London School of Commerce

International Student Life in Malta:

Worldwide students in Malta enjoy normal student life while studying at Malta universities. In Malta, students can choose any type of accommodation for the Pakistani and other Asian students like oncampus university-owned accommodation or home stays as paying guests. They got extension on transports, meals and cocurricular activities

 Tourist Destination

Malta is a tourist destination and offers uncounted attractions to visitors. Some of these attractions include The Valletta Waterfront, Mosta Rotunda, St.John Co-Cathedral Azure Window, and Casa Roocca Picola etc.

Malta local Food:

Every Country has its remarkable cuisine which in a sense is an attraction for tourists. The local  Malta food consists of Pastizza (pastry), Maltese Breead (sourdough), Imqarat (a sweet dish consisting date filling in a pastry), Maltese Ravioli (pasta) whereas the traditional Maltese food is stuffat-tal-fenek which is a rabbit stew.

Pakistani Student Jobs in Malta 2020

Many students who study abroad made it difficult to sustain a normal lifestyle due to the shortage of money and lack of jobs. International students are allowed to work in Malta during their study period. Yet, the working hours for non-EU students are limited.  Many Students in Malta can easily apply for jobs which offered no experience such as Market Research, Interviewer, Customer Service, Agents, virtual  Assistant, Account Administrator, Delivery boy, Compliance Officers, Sales Clerks, Administrative Assistants etc.


English is the medium of instruction at Malta higher education institutes. In factEnglish is widely spoken and understood throughout the country. English spoken in almost every local Universities due to  Asian and especially low-country students, who learnt English as a second language, they  can easily adjust in Malta without getting familiar with their native Language. In short, if a foreign student is fluent in Maltese, they can enjoy the Maltese job market.

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