Study In Netherlands | Admission Open [2021] | Humara Visa

Study In Netherlands | Admission Open [2021] | Humara Visa

 Study in Netherlands :

Netherlands has worldwide rekowned and recognized as the higher education institutes which rank high at QS and Shanghai lists. The unique teaching methods, state of the art facilities, research based education and plethora of English taught programes are forte of Dutch university. Along with attainning education from worlds best institution in Netherlands, the foreign students can experience the true essence of European culture, traditions and customs there and enjoy its picturesque landscape, fields, lakes, canals and breath in world’s cleanest air.

Geographically, Netherlands lies at central Europe land, which makes travell to other European countries such as France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland in few hours duration. Netherlands is one of our favorite study abroad destinations and highly recommended because of numerous beneficial reasons.

Admissions Requirements of Dutch Universities 2020 for Pakistanii Students:

The Pakistani students considering to study abroad in Netherlands have to meet merit based  academic requirements in Dutch Universities. Each study programme has its own set of merit requirements based on minimum grades, subjects and entry examination results. The foreign qualifications are evaluated by Nufic which is an independent organization which partners with Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science for admissions in Dutch Universities. According to others academic levels of higher education, the eligibility criteria for admission in Dutch Universities is as follows: Study in Netherlands

For admissiion in Under Graduate Study Programmes:

Higher secondary  Diploma or equivalent Degree has passed with at least C grades. For some study programmes related to IT, Engineering and Medicine, minimum grades requirements is to be higher. If the students do not meet degree requirements, they can take entry examination of Dutch University which will ascertain their academic capabillity for admission at certain study programmes. Study in Netherlands

For admision in Post Graduatee (Masters) Study Programes:

Pakistani students must have done Bachelors Honors Degree (4 Years Duration Course) in good grades for admission at Masters Level study programme in Dutch University, Entry examination is not a required if the student has attained good grades but some universities assess academic capability through motivation letter. If the students do not meet academic eligibility criteria, the can either take entry examination or take admision in one year preparatory course for admission in Masters Level. Study in Netherlands

For admision in Post Graduatee (PhD) Study Programme:

Bachelors Honors (4 Years Duration Course) is applicable for admission at PhD study programmes in Dutch Universities. For academic requirements, the university will require research proposal, motivation letter, recommendation letters and study plan. If the research supervisor assigned to the student is satisfied by aforementioned documents, the admission will be granted. An interview will also be taken before granting admission for Study in Netherlands

Dutch Student Visa/Peermit Requirements 2020 for PAkistanii Students:

The type of Dutch study visa applicable for you depends on duration of your study programs. If your education programs has less than 90 day duration, you will apply for Schengen visa but if your study programs has more than 90 day duration, you will apply for Long Term Visa for Netherlands. To submit visa application, the following documents would be required:

  • 1st Bank Statement (as proof of finances that you can spend 870 Euros per month while your stay in Netherlands)
  • 2nd Valid passport
  • 3rd Health Examination Certificate (stating that you are in god health to stay in Netherlands and are not suffering from HIV, Hepatitis B, C, Tuberculoses etc)
  • 4th Health Insurance Coverage
  • 5th Original Letter of Acceptance from Dutch University
  • 6th Transcripts of Academic Records, Photocopies of Degrees and Diplomas (attested by granting authority and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • 7th Recent Photographs, Travel Ticket, Proof of Accommodation in Netherlands

Working While Study in Netherlands 2020 for Pakistan Students:

Netherlands is economically well held state with the plenty of employment opportunities. For foreigns student belong from Non-EU/EEA countries including Pakistan students, the part time working permission come with valid restrictions. The employee willing to hire a Non-EU national as its employee will aply for a TWV work permit at IND. If the permit is granted, the student can do work 10 hours a week with no further restrictions. If the students want to change the jobs, the other employe hiring them, they will aply for TWV work permiit again on employee’s behalf.

Working Study in Netherlands after Study 2020:

After study work permits are rather easy to attain in Netherlands for foreign students. They can apply for search year permit   for graduates in the Netherlands before their student permit expires. In this one year duration, the students can search for job according to their qualification and skills and after finding one they can shift their work permit to highly skilled migrant permit without leaving the country. But in this year, the students are unable to find an appropriate job, they are bound to leave the country and no further extension of visa will be granted.

Study and Living Expensses Study in Netherlands for Foreigns Student

Each of the Dutch University has different tuition fee than the other. The average tuition fee for each academic level of higher education in Dutch Universities is follow:

  • Under graduate study programes: 5000 to 7000 Euros per academicc year.
  • Post Graduate (Masters) study programes:2000 to 7000 Euros per academic year.
  • Post Graduate (PhD) study programes: it would be 11000 Euros per academic year.


If you chose to lived in a central city area, the rents will  higher than expected as Netherlands is densely populated and hosts a rather large number of expats and visitors than other European countries because of its charming landscape and tourist spots. But on average the cost of accommodation is as:

  • University Doorm Room: 350 to 500 Euros per month
  • A Room in Shared accommodation: 500 to 600 Euros one month
  • Studio Apartments: 700 to 900 Euros per month
  • Home Stay: 500 to 700 Euros per month for Study in Netherlands

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