Study in Romania | Application Form 2021 | Humara Visa

Study in Romania | Application Form 2021 | Humara Visa

Introduction to the Study in Romania Guide

For Study in Romania, Foreign students from European countries or other prosperous western countries do not need any visa to enter Romania. However, non-Europeans, especially those from developing countries, for instance, must apply for a student visa for the Romanian Diplomatic Missions in another country that is the Romanian ambassador or their country.

Romanian visa guide for Pakistan

A letter of admission from the university must be submitted to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Romania. However, once the service has approved your admission you can apply for a student visa. Thus Pakistani students can apply to the nearest Romanian embassy or consulate (Romanian Diplomatic Missions Abroad) to obtain a visa for Romanian students Study in Romania.

Foreign students, especially those from non-EU countries, are required to apply for a Romanian Visa to enter Romania. Students must pay a certain visa fee per application and the cost of a visa varies from time to time, so it may be advisable to contact a Romanian lawyer in your country Study in Romania.

Most importantly students wishing to study abroad in Romania must submit a completed visa application form and also sign any other required documents to the Romanian embassy or consulate in their country.

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Documents required for a Romanian student to stay longer

  1. Firstly a letter of acceptance from the Romanian Ministry of Education then
  2. A valid passport for a long time duration then
  3. University admission letter
  4. Receipt of tuition fees to show that payment is made for one full year
  5. A bank account or similar statement for savings of 2500 Euros to prove that the student has adequate support options including his / her study period specified on the visa
  6. An official certificate proving that the prospective student does not have a criminal record
  7. Availability of health insurance
  8. Student under the age of 18 a letter of consent from his or her parents or guardian.
  9. Marriage certificate if applicable and lastly
  10. A plane ticket to Romania

Visa applications can only be submitted to Romanian embassies or diplomatic missions in your country (Romanian Diplomatic Missions Abroad)

Time to Process Visa for Pakistan of Study in Romania in 2021

Processing time is different. It will take a few days to 2 months to process the visa. Students can, in fact, apply for a student visa only when the Romanian Ministry of Education sends a letter of acceptance for study.

Residence Permit

Once your admission, as well as the student visa, has been approved, the student can fly to Romania. A newly registered student must apply for an extension of a temporary residence permit and obtain a residence permit. This is necessary if the student is enrolled in a long-term course. The application is submitted and addressed to the Romanian Immigration Office.

It is compulsory for non-EU students enrolled in the degree program at Romanian universities to apply for a residence permit. This residence permit is valid for one year and needs to be renewed every year. However, undergraduate students usually do not need to renew their license as full-time residency is part of their Scholarship grant.

Required documents and application for a residence permit

  • Firstly a application for a residence permit issued at the immigration office then
  • Secondly valid Passport and a copy thereof
  • Thirdly laetter of acceptance from the Department of Education then
  • Registration certificate issued by the institution;
  • Bank statement or similar proof of adequate living expenses in Romania (usually $ 2500) shown should cover at least a minimum national income per month
  • Residential documents
  • Health certificate from a Romanian medical center
  • 2 recent passport size photos
  • Receipt of payments made to Romania Bank:
  • Residence permit = 240 lei (RON)
  • Application Registration Fees = 3 le (RON)
  • Extension of residence permit costs = 120 EURO

There may be additional requirements depending on your age, financial status and type of entry.

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