Hunza valley|Tourist spot|Humara visa|Tourist places in Pakistan

Hunza valley|Tourist spot|Humara visa|Tourist places in Pakistan

Hunza is one of the maximum distinguished places in Pakistan. several excessive peaks upward thrust above 7,000 m within the surroundings of Hunza Valley.It is one of the main tourist attractaction for people around the world Because of the people in Hunza valley and the Beautiful scenes of the nature The valley gives perspectives of numerous mountains, together with for more information

Rakaposhi 7,788 m (25,551 toes), Ultar Sar 7,388 m (24,239 ft), Bojahagur Duanasir II 7,329 m (24,half toes), Diran height (7,266), Spantik (7027m), Ghenta peak 7,090 m (15,631 feet), Hunza top 6,270 m (20,571 ft), Darmyani height 6,090 m (19,980 toes), and Bublimating (Ladyfinger height) 6,000 m (19,685 feet).


Hunza Valley

Khunjerab bypass is a four,693-meter-excessive mountain bypass in the Karakoram Mountains. it’s miles in a strategic position at the northern border of Pakistan and on the southwest border of China and is also located in Hunza.

Hunza valley Tourism

Hunza valley is popularly believed to be the inspiration for the legendary valley of Shangri-los angeles in James Hilton’s 1933 novel, lost the eighth century advert, a massive Buddha parent surrounded by means of small Buddhisatvas turned into found carved on a rock.

Pre-historical guys and animal figures are carved on rocks alongside the valley. a few lakes like Attabad Lake, Borith Lake, Shimshal Lakes, Hassanabad Lake are positioned in Hunza.

beyond Yarzerech, you can actually tour in addition to Lupghar, Raminj, Reshit, Yishkuk as much as Bobo Ghundi (Oston), the shrine of Baba-e-Ghund, a saint from Afghanistan close to the border between Pakistan and the Wakhan vicinity of Afghanistan.The fairy-tale-like castle of Baltit, above Karimabad, is a Hunza landmark built approximately 800 years in the past.


Stilted on huge legs, its wood bay home windows look out over the valley. at the start, it became used because the house of the Mirs (the title of the previous rulers) of Hunza.Hunza Valley is likewise web hosting the historical watchtowers in Ganish, Baltit castle, and Altit castle. Watchtowers are positioned within the coronary heart of Ganish Village. Baltit castle stands on top of Karimabad, while Altit castle lies at the bottom of the valley

Hunza valley trip cost

A trip to hunza valley cost PKR:- 20,000 for a single person which include every thing food ,residence , fuel allowance and specially it is minimum cost in which you see the beautiful landscapes in the country for relavent information about the tourism in Pakistan visit this website

What are the Hunza famous for?

Hunza valley is famous for its beautiful landscapes and beautiful people around the world it is also famous for its antique art and culture and the way people treat the tourist that is why Hunza is famous for and i also prefer in this blog that you must visit Hunza in order to get a good

Are Indians allowed in Hunza Valley?

Yes they can enter but they need a special permit from the government of Pakistan

Their diet

The Huns consume a mostly plant-based diet, eating it raw. Because they are so isolated, the Hunza do not have access to much fuel to cook food, nor are many animals available to eat, so they plant what they can and gather the rest. Hunza grows apricots, cherries, grapes, plums and peaches. They also eat a lot of grains—wheat, barley, and millet—and chapati, their daily bread.2

But are they happy?

Absolutely. In fact, some researchers have named the Hunza as the happiest people on Earth. Hunzas have a certain passion and zest for life, perhaps to some extent due to their daily hard exercise and simple lifestyle.

How Long Do the Hunza Live?

No one really knows how long the Hunza people live. Physicians examined the Hunza and made their best guesses to how old the people were. Without focusing too much on documented maximum age, the truly extraordinary fact is that all reports of the Hunza mention that the elderly population is fit, full of vitality, and virtually free from disease, which still holds true to this day.

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