Canada Tourist Visa | Application Form 2021| Hamara Visa

Canada Tourist Visa | Application Form 2021| Hamara Visa

Canada Tourist Visa Application Form

Canada Tourist Visa Information:

A Canada Tourist Visa aka temporary resident visa is an officially recognized document that is stick in your passport. That shows you meet the requirements needed to enter Canada.
Travelers use a visitor visa to travel to Canada. You will also need one if you’re transiting through a Canadian airport on your way to the final destination place.
Both options are available to apply for a visitor visa online or on paper.

Requirements for Canada Tourist Visa:

You must apply on paper for the following:
An Alien’s passport for persons who are stateless or any other refugee travel document for non-citizens people
After applying for a Canada visitor visa application:
You need to provides your biometrics fingerprints and also a photo
You have to pay for biometrics fee and submit your application form. You have up to 30 days to give your biometrics personally.
If by any chance you were not able to pay the biometrics fee, they will send you a letter requesting you to do this first. You can only get the instruction letter after biometric completes.
If by any chance your documents are incomplete, they will return your application without processing it further.
They also have the right to ask you:
To go to an interview with their officials
To provide them more information or details
To go to a medical examination
To provides a police certificate from police station
We process most applications in a few weeks but do remember that the processing times depend on the visa office.
Your original passport and all other original documents will be returned to you after the processing of your application is completed. They won’t return you original bank statements or any documents they is find to be fake by any means.
If you get your application is approve they will stamped your visa inside the passport but if your application is refuse, you will likely to have an explanation for that as well.
Miner children must travel with their right documents as they can be asked at any point and they should meet the same requirements as adults do.

Policy and Eligibility criteria for Canada visit visa
To meet some basic requirements to get a visa.
A valid travel document i.e. passport is required
Good health physically
No criminal or immigration-related activity
You should have enough money to your stay there
You may need a medical examination and letter of invitation from anyone who lives in Canada.
Some people are not eligible to enter Canada and you can be stop for several reason like minor children travelling to Canada so you should make sure to know what to do if your minor children is travelling with you or someone else

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Fee Structure for Canada Tourist Visa:

From fee: $100 to apply
Biometric fee is $ 85

Documents for Canada Tourist Visa:

You should make sure to have a travel visa before you go to apply. You may also needs a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. Mostly entry document depends on:
Type of travel document
Country that has issued travel documents
Your nationality from where you belong
Lastly your method of traveling to Canada
Travel document you plan to use to travel to Canada should be:
· Passport
· U.S. Refugee travel document (I-571)
· Alien’s passport for stateless persons
· Other refugee travel document for non-citizens
· Permit to re-enter the U.S. (I-327)

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