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China Visa | china visa application | consulate | embassies | 2021|

China Visa | china visa application | consulate | embassies | 2021|


Most travelers of China are needed to get a China visa for tourism, which allows visit freely in most cities of China as tourists. Passports, application form, documents and invitation letter from China are the necessary documents for application. In many cases, a tourist can get a single entry L visa with a stay duration of 30 days.


China Tourist Visa Requirements & Documents

1st completed China Tourist Visa Application Form . Please fill in every column of the application form. If the application form is not filled out properly, completely and legibly, there could be a slow in processing or refuse of the application.

2nd your passport at least 6 months validity and having a blank pages, & a photocopy of passport’s data page.

3rd colored recently passport-size photo with white background attach in the application form.

4th Other Documents require
For those who can’t applying in their country for citizen then a proof of legal stay or residence status is required.
In other cases, applier may need to submit a certification letter from the employer of the applier with details as follows: name and contact number of the employer, the applicant’s income statement, or original copy of recent six month bank statement of the applier.

5th Round-trip Tickets plus Hotel Bookings or Invitation Letter from China Documents showing the itinerary including proof of round trip tickets booking and proof of hotel reservation.
Or, if you invited in China then you submit an invitation letter giving by the invitee,
1. Inform the applicant, including full name, gender, and date of birth.
2. Inform the planned visit, including arrival and departure dates, places of visit.
3. Inform the invitee, including name, contact number, address, official stamp, and sign of the legal representative of inviting individual.


Processing Time


Firstly for such service, an additional fee of US 30$ will be charged for same-day service.
Secondly for express service, an additional fee of US 20$ will be charged for two or three working day service.
Lastly it normally takes 4 working days for processing a China travel visa.


Tourist Visa Cost

China visa costs depends on nationality and number of entry. According to the Visa Fee Abolition Agreement, the nationals just like a countries who get have a free visa, but they must pay for express service, such countries: Pakistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Maldives, Bulgaria and Micronesia.


Fee Structure


China Travel Visa TypesUS CitizensCanadian CitizensUK CitizensAustralian Citizens
Single EntryUS 140$CA 142$ GB 151£ AU 109.5$
Double EntriesUS 140$ CA 142$ GB 151£ AU 139.5$
Multi Entries for 6 MonthsUS 140$ CA 142$GB 151£ AU 169.5$
Multi Entries for 12 Months or LongerUS 140$ CA 142$GB 151£ AU 169.5$


China Tourist Visa Extension

If you stay China in past then they allowed to stay time on your visitor visa, you can request to extend at the local Exit and Entry Administration of China for seven days before your L visa expires. Your passport and visa application form with your recently color picture attached, a registration of momentary residence, and your travel schedule will be required for submission. If your application is accepted then you can expand stay not the original stay time on your visa.

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