Indonesia Visa | Application Form 2021 | Humara visa

Indonesia Visa | Application Form 2021 | Humara visa



Tourist Application Requirements for Indonesia Visa


  • No Indonesia visa is required to remain up to 30 days. Please remember that whether or not you’re under 30 days.
  • Enter Indonesia via one in every of the airports or ports:

 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport, Kualanamu International Airport, Juanda International Airport, Hang Nadim International Airport, Denpasar-Bali International Airport, Sri Bintan Pura Seaport, Batam Center Seaport, Sekupang Seaport, or Tanjung Uban Seaport

  • Hold a legitimate passport for a minimum of six months and a minimum of one blank visa page.
  • Hold evidence of forward and return flights.
  • Hold proof of hotel confirmation.
  • Hold all the desired documents at your next destination.
  • Hold proof of sufficient income in respect of the length of your stay.
  • Confirm along with your flight before your departure date that boarding are going to be allowed without a visa.
  • If you’re visiting stay longer than 30 days, please talk to the necessities below.




You must provide your original signed passport, including one copy of the non-public details page of your passport. Your passport must have use for the following six months

Have one blank visa page (amendments and approval pages not wont to meet this requirement)

Do not be intimidated, torn, separated, or altered in the other way.

If your passport doesn’t meet these requirements, please contact Visa Central.




You must provide two color, passport-type photographs that meet the subsequent conditions:

Taken three months ago and printed on top quality photo paper.

Taken against all white backgrounds.

Be two inches by 2 inches.

Give the proper front view of your head along with your middle face and show a neutral (smiling) speech.

You cannot wear sunglasses or a hat without religious motives.

Your photos shouldn’t be attached to your application and should not show evidence of sticky or basic tape.


Letter of Employment


If you’re currently working, you must provide a letter of appointment. The letter must:

Mention that you simply are only visiting for travel reasons.

Give your vacation time at work.


Visa form


The Indonesian Consulate requires a web visa form. Your request must:

Show your real name because it appears on your passport.

Enter answers altogether fields and Signed.

Also upload a picture to be uploaded to your online application. This image must match the image you provide and every one other documents sent to us.

Print and attach all 4 printed pages of the visa application and a signed copy of the verification page

Minors under the age of 18 must not sign their own visa, it must be signed by their parents.


Download Visa Application Form


Letter of Invitation


To complete a tourist visa invitation requirement, you need to select one among the subsequent options:

A copy of your return ticket and hotel reservation.

Letter of invitation received by your supervisor or organization to go to. The invitation should include the total address of the organization and also the signaling of the organization or person to be visited.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you decide on to receive an invite from an Indonesian resident, you want to also provide a duplicate of the one that delivered the invitation.


Proof of Sufficient Funds


You must prove that you just have enough money. Your financial information should:

Attach a replica of your most up-to-date statement. Show your full name on Visa Central form.


Driver’s license


You must provide a duplicate of your driving license. Your copy must show your home address because it appears on your visa form.


Applicants under the age of 18 years


A copy of their birth certification.

Copy of passports of both parents.

A written copy of the parent’s consent letter.


Emergency Requests


If you have got an emergency visa application with a deadline, Visa Central can facilitate your save valuable time and avoid costly delays. Visa Central Specialist will review all of your documents to make sure that your application is accurate, complete and prepared to submit.


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