Ireland Tourist Visa | Application Form 2021 | Hamara Visa

Ireland Tourist Visa | Application Form 2021 | Hamara Visa

Introduction of Ireland Tourist Visa:

A tourist visa which is also a short stay allows you to travel to Ireland for tourism. All Ireland Tourist Visa (short stay visa) are also known as ‘C’ visa. Kindly Read the general criteria for all short stay i.e ‘C’ visas.

Remember: A visa allows you to explore Ireland only. It does not gave you permission to enter the country or to stay here. An immigration officer which is present at border can refuse you entry even if you have a visa.

You required a visa if you have a wish to explore Ireland if you travel using a passport issued by a country that is required for issue your visa or by using a travel document issued by certain countries. Each candidate should be apply for a separate visa because there are no family visa.

If a young person (aged under 18) applied for a tourist visa this application should be made by parent or their legal guardian. Extra terms & conditions for young people (aged under 18) also apply.

Tip: You should purchase your tickets for travel when you receive a decision on your visa application.

You can apply for a visa of Ireland from your home country or a country where you are a legal stayed.

Your visa application consists of three parts:

  • Create an online visa application.
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • Send your documents for processing (passport & other documents).

Important: In some circumstances, you may also have to provide biometric information for further processing.

When you apply for application of tourist visa you will be acknowledged later about where to send your documents for further processing.


If your application is successful, an Irish visa will be placed into your passport/travel document and returned to you. In general, you can expect a decision about 8 weeks after we receive your documents.


Remember Always: Do not include false or misleading information or corrupt documents in your application. If you do, your application may be rejected. In some circumstances, you may not be allowed to appeal for the visa or may be blocked and you will get an Irish visa after 5 years.


Visa Type:

Tourist Visa


Documentations Required for Ireland Tourist Visa:

There are some documents you need to submit.

  • Application summary sheet (Print, sign and date the Application summary sheet).
  • Application letter (write a letter that give a reason that clarify why you are coming to Ireland).
  • Holiday planning (write a description of your planned vacation or study trip to Ireland which also including where you will stay.
  • Proof of payment for visa application fee.
  • Your Valid Passport.
  • 2 Passport-Sized Photographs.
  • Enough finance to support yourself (Bank statement).
  • Proof you will return home after visiting Ireland.
  • Past Visa refusals (if there is any).
  • Application for young people (aged under 18) which made by their parent or legal guardian.


To download the application form Click Here…!

Ireland Tourist Visa Duration:

Duration of stay for a tourist visa is 90 days.


Visa Fee:

The fee criteria for Ireland is 60€ for a single person entry and 100€ for a multiple people entry. The fee you paid for visa is non-refundable in case if your application is rejected.


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