Italy Tourist Visa | Italy Tourist Visa Application Form 2021 | Hamara Visa

Italy Tourist Visa | Italy Tourist Visa Application Form  2021 | Hamara Visa


Italy Tourist Visa is very popular among tourist because it is 7th largest world’s economy located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a legacy of  Roman Empire’s that’s why Italy have so many palaces and castles, and multiple buildings of various architectural styles, as Romanesque, Gothic, Mannerist, Baroque, and Neoclassical. Moreover, it has a coastline of 7,600 km, picturesque lakes, stunning cliffs, and many green national parks which increased its beauty and attracts tourists.

There is an estimation that over 50 million tourists visit Italy each year. Tourism generates more than 60% of country’s national income.

Due to this, the country is home to World travelers wishing to enter Italy for short-stays can do so by obtaining a Schengen Visa (visa for the purpose of tourism) to Italy. Italy is a part of the Schengen Agreement it’s an agreement which have between 26 European countries for established visa-free travel. So, if you have a wish to travel to Italy for tourism purpose, you may have to apply for a Schengen visa. Your Schengen visa (tourist visa) allows you to free travel to the other Schengen countries as well.

Tourist Entry Restrictions of Italy due to Covid-19

As the situation of coronavirus has improved. So, Italy has decided to ban the entry for a few third-countries and several categories of travelers.

Italy started permitted the citizens of the following countries to on July 1.

  • Australia
  • Rwanda
  • Canada
  • Georgia
  • Algeria
  • Uruguay
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • New Zealand
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco


You can apply for an Italy Schengen Visa (Tourist Visa):


2 weeks before your planned trip or 6 months before your planned trip because the Italy visa processing time can take up to three weeks (15 working days) moreover, it also depends your country or particular case.


Visa Type:

Tourist Visa


Documentation Required for Italy Tourist Visa:

You required following documents.

  • Application form (complete the form with relevant data and then sign it after you print it).
  • Two photos
  • A valid passport
  • Attached copies of your previous visas (if applicable).
  • Provide proof of accommodation (A hotel reservation).
  • Proof of travel (letter that described you have a reserved flight, to enter and leave Italy).
  • Health Insurance (Minimum health insurance for the Schengen Zone is 30,000 €).
  • Show enough finance to support yourself (Bank statement).

List for this criteria is given below.

  • If you will stay for 5 days you, will have to pay an overall amount which is 269.60 € per traveler and 212.81 € for two and more travelers.
  • For 6-10 days, you will have to pay the daily amount which is 44.93 € per traveler and 26.33 € for two and more travelers.
  • If you will stay for 11-20 days, you will have to pay the overall amount is which 51.64 € per traveler and 25.82 € for two and more travelers.
  • If you will stay for 20 days or more, you have to pay the overall amount which is 206.58 € per traveler and 118.79 € for two and more travelers.
  • Cover letter (explain the complete details about applying, stay, leave and other details).
  • Provide proof of civil status.

To download application form Click Here…!

Italy Tourist Visa Duration:

Duration of stay for a tourist visa is 90 days. In some situations, your visa can be issued for less than 90 days. There is no such permission of staying after 90 days.

Italy Tourist Visa Fee:

You have to pay 60€ for adults, 35€ for children (under the age of 12) for visa fee of Italy and there is a free visa for children (under the age of 6).

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