Qatar Visit Visa | Application Form 2021 | Hamara Visa

Qatar Visit Visa | Application Form 2021 | Hamara Visa

Introduction of Qatar Visit Visa:

Qatar is one of the fastest growing countries of the world in the Gulf region. Moreover, its beauty of nature attracts citizens of various countries to explore Qatar throughout the year. Qatar Visit Visa is issued at arrival only. The thing you have to do is just simply collect your visa from Qatar port after arriving there. This visa is only available for the citizens of few countries.


It is an extremely rich country cause it have oil reserves and have good financial status.


An Arab country, Qatar which is located to the West of the Emirates, East of Saudi Arabia and East of Bahrain and extending into the Persian Gulf.


Many foreigner citizens come to visit Qatar in order to explore a developed, rich country, in which they open a new doors of experience of tourism, As well as simple sightseeing of futuristic and breathtakingly designed skyscrapers and other contemporary architectural wonders. But it’s not the only thing that attracts tourists to visit Qatar.


It have dunes and deserts with their spectacular views which can easily catch the attraction for recreational safaris that all visitors enjoy.


Qatar’s largest area of the sand desert. Those who are not interested in safaris which are lies to the south-west of the capital, Qatar offered that kind of tourists a wonderful platform in which tourists view this country’s landscapes mostly which are consisting of the desert scenery that changes depends upon the time of day and light conditions.

There are 33 nations that can obtained a one-month visit visa upon arriving at Qatar.  Many countries which have downgraded their friendship with Qatar including some that have even placed a diplomatic embargo between them and Qatar. So if you are not sure about your visa status it is best to visit click here which will let you know whether you need a visa for Qatar or not.

 There are two types of Qatar visa
  • Short Qatar Tourist Visa (2 weeks)
  • Long Qatar Tourist Visa (3 months).

Qatar is a very safe & sound country to travel and crime rates are low further violent crimes that are extremely rare, especially towards foreigners.


Few Steps which will help you to Apply for Qatar Tourist Visa

  • Fill Qatar Tourist Visa Application Form.
  • Present all required documents.
  • Bank statements, and other valid proofs.
  • There is no interview that will be conducted; all the documents will be checked and verified by authorities.

Reasons why you face rejection in gaining visa

  •  Due to insufficient information.
  • The application is not qualified for the category you applied for will also face ineligibility grounds of law.

Note: Qatar Tourist visa take 7-10 days processing time after the submission of fees. Moreover, this is not applicable on visa you will got on arrival.


For more visa information  Click Here

Visa Type:

Tourist Visa


Documentation Required:

There are some Online Instructions you need to know

  • Sign in/Sign up using your email.
  • Enter the details at best of your knowledge and attach all the required documents which includes:
  • A valid Passport information.
  • Passport-sized photo.
  • Airline Ticket (if you are not Qatar Airways passengers submit your copy of your ticket).
  • Hotel confirmation and relevant documents (Of the place of stay in Qatar).
  • Pay your fees and submit your application request.

Visa Duration Qatar Visit Visa:

The stay in Qatar is for 30 days free of charge after that it is not extendable.

Qatar Visit Visa Fee:

The cost you will pay for Qatar Tourist Visa for 30 days is $68 and on the other hand 96 hour visa costs $44.

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