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South Korea Visit | Tourist Visa

South Korea Visit | Tourist Visa

Visit Visa of SOUTH KOREA

When the person wants to visit with family, friends in SOUTH KOREA, and in addition a person is a citizen in a country outside the EU,than a person may require to apply for a permit before the visit. What type of  permit you require to apply for relied on how long an individual stay in South Korea. Whenever an individual visit in South Korea will be equal or less than ninety days,a person may require to apply for a visit visa. Whenever an individual stay in South Korea will be greater than ninety days he should need for a visitor residence visa permit.

It depends on the purpose of your travel to Sweden, there are many types of visas that will apply to the occasion.

South Korea visa Requirements

If any person wants to visit for a South Korea visa, he should have to submit several documents to support your application process. The visa of South Africa requirements varies depending on the type of visa you want as well as the state in which you are applying for. The Compulsory documents every individual has to submit that is:

  • 1st is South Korea Application Form For Visa.
  • 2nd is Original passport, which should be:
    • It is valid for minimum  another 6 months
    • It should have at least two blank pages
  • 3rd is Passport-size photo. South Korea  photo visa size has to be 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm.It should have the following requirements .
    • White background.
    • Should be Taken last three months photos.
    • It  must have a neutral facial expression, staring straight ahead.
    • The face ,ears and all parts  have to be fully clear.
    • wearing glasses is prohibited.
  • 4th The  return or onward ticket flight.
  • 5th The Proof of sufficient funds to cover the time frame of visit i-e  by bank statements and income tax returns.
  • 6th The  accommodation proof in South Korea, such as hotel reservation
  • 7th is the fees of the South -Korea visa, as required  by  Embassy/Consulate
  • 8th is South Korea Student Visa,
    • The Reference Letter.
    • Acceptance Letter into the university.
  • 9th is For Business Visa:
    • Employer Letter on Letter  Head
    • Invitation Letter  from the South Korean company
  • 10th is For Work Visa os South Korea, Employment contract is needed to Apply.In addition to this ,it may require
    • Personal Cover Letter about introduction and defining  the reason for which you are traveling for Korea.
    • The trip Itinerary which describes the activities you will be carrying on South Korea on a regular basis.
  • 11th For more  additional documents that the Embassy or Consulate wants, depending on the purpose of your visit.


South Korea Visa Application Form

It Depends on the procedure  through which a person is applying. He can get hold of a South Korea Visa Application form in the following methods:

  • 1st is the online, by downloading it from the Embassy Website through which you are applying for.
  • 2nd is From  the Embassy, when any individual go to make an appointment or submit the documents which are required.
  • 3rd is at a visa application agency, when any individual  is using the services of a private company to apply for South Korea visa application.

South Korea Visa processing time

The duration time for an South Africa visa changes depending on the mechanism of application. When any person apply for the Visa On Arrival, he will receive it  right -there.The Visa of South Africa  processing time in about 15 days, so that’s is why it is required  to apply at minimum 7 days before you wish  to travel to Egypt.

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