Spain Tourist Visa | Application Form 2021| Humara Visa

Spain Tourist Visa | Application Form 2021| Humara Visa

Spain Tourist Visa stretch information

Spain doesn’t have tourist visa or individuals specifically, one have to get Schengen visa to visit Spain along with other 26 countries. The Schengen Visa allows visitors to spend up to 90 days i.e. 3 months in Spain for once in 180 days i.e. 6 months. You can have Spain Tourist Visa or Tourist visa depending on your requirement.

Requirements to Schengen Tourist Visa

To apply for Spain Schengen Tourist Visa you have to go to a Spanish embassy or consulate of your own country. For short stay visa you have to fulfil these following requirements.

  1. You should have Schengen visa application form for Short Stay and it should be properly filled and signed by you and the minor’s form will be signed by both parents if they are alive.
  2. You will also need to have 2 recent photographs of you. Please do check the photograph requirements before getting an actual photograph to save your time and money.
  3. A necessary national ID card copy.
  4. If anyone from a third country nationals, who are residing in Pakistan, they must have to provide their supporting documents, attesting to the legality and their authorized span of residence.
  5. Your valid family Registration Certificate which is issued by NADRA, original and a photocopy.
  6. If any minor children travelling with a single parent than a written script by the other parent is also required with a photocopy of his CNIC.
  7. Your original employment letter, signed by the applicant’s company/employer including stating your name and position, your salary and duration of employment, and the address and contact numbers of the employer, your purpose and duration of visit to the Schengen state(s).
  8. If you are a student then your original signed letter from your school, college or University will be required.
  9. Any supporting documents covering information of your personal income details like the following:
    1. Your real bank statements for the last 6 month.
    2. National Tax Number Certificate also known as NTN, for the last two whole years and a proof of income tax payment to FBR.
    3. And lastly your last three salary slips from your employer.
  10. Any accommodation proof which verify that you have hotel reservation and rent agreement clearly stating your name and a rental period dates and an accommodation address covering your full span of time during traveling.
  11. Your flight booking copy.
  12. You would need a detailed itinerary, if your trip is a package tour plan than you must have to attach this.
  13. You would also need an original as well as a copy of your travel medical insurance, if your insurance is not less than 30,000 EUR. Your insurance policy must cover all your medical expenses for the entire span of your stay on any Schengen territory as well as the repatriation costs. Please consult a valid list of authorized insurance companies in your country to get complete guidance.

Please note that the Embassy’s reserves its right to request any additional documents. Your original documents are not needed by the embassy and they will be returned to you with your passport but only if you have provided them copies.

Policy for Spain Tourist Visa:

Spain Schengen Tourist Visa i.e. the Short Stay visa is a permit that allows you to travel to Spain for the main purpose of performing any touristic activities, like spending your vacation, any sightseeing and exploring the country historic places. You can also visit your relatives once you are in Spain with this visa.

Whereas, Spain Short-Stay Schengen Visitor Visa is an authorization to enter Spain under your main purpose of visiting your friends or your family members already living in Spain maybe a permanent residence but you can also go holidaying, sightseeing and exploring, while in Spain with this kind of visa it will not be a problem for you.

You would also have to follow 90/180 days rule. Which state that you can only have 90 days stay in 180 day cycle.

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Fee structure for Spain Tourist Visa:
Category Of VisaFee (EUR)FEE (PKR)
Schengen Visit Visa80.014,978.0
Schengen Visit Visa for children from 6 to 12 years40.07,489.0
Schengen Visit Visa for kids of up to 6 years0.00.0
National Study Visa for more than a year90.016,850.0
National Visa (Study – less than 1 year)75.014,042.0
National Visa (Family Reunion with Spouse)90.016,850.0
National Visa (Family Reunion Descendants)0.00.0
National Visa (Work)90.016,850.0
Please note:
  • In addition to these visa fee, there will be a VFS Global service fee of around EURO 30 i.e. of PKR 5617.0 for every application.
  • The VFS Global service fee charges can only be paid in cash in your local currency at your visa application Centre.
  • The service fee is subject to change in line with the Embassy consular exchange rate.
  • Visa fees can only be paid in cash in Euro at the visa application center.

Documents for Spain Tourist Visa:

Collect the documents required for a Spain Visitor Visa, or Spain Tourist Visa, according to your purpose of the application. The general documents for a Spain Tourist/Visitor visa are listed below please have a deeper look:

  1. Two biometric photos.
  2. The Passport.
  3. Copies of passport pages.
  4. Flight Booking.
  5. Travel Medical Insurance.
  6. Proof of Sufficient Funds.
  7. Your bank account statements.
  8. A letter of support, if someone else is going to finance your trip. They should submit their bank statements alongside with the letter.
  9. You need any of the following evidence of accommodation in Spain.
    1. Booking of hotel that contains your name, dates of stay, and details of hotel.
    2. Invitation letter from your friend or family if you are staying over at their place. The letter should include your host’s details (address, contact details, intended period of stay, etc.). Note that photocopy is not acceptable! You can still submit a colored print.
    3. Rental agreement. If you will be renting a place for your stay in Spain, you should
    4. Present the rental agreement with the owner of the premises. The document must state the area of the place you are renting, address and owner’s details.

In addition, you will also need to submit proof of employment status, according to your situation, as follows:

  1. For employed:
    1. Employment contract details
    2. Current bank statement of at least six month
    3. Certificate of No-objection from your employer
    4. Income Tax Return (ITR)
  2. For self-employed persons:
    1. Your business license copy
    2. Bank statement of your company of the last 6 months
    3. Income Tax Return (ITR) deduction
  3. For student:
    1. Your proof of enrollment from your institute
    2. Institute leaving certificate or letter.
  4. For retired:
    1. Your Pension statements of the latest 6 months

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