Sweden Visit Visa Apply 2021 Online

Sweden Visit Visa Apply 2021 Online

Sweden Visa 

 Visit Visa

When the person wants to visit with family, friends in Sweden, and in addition a person is a citizen in a country outside the EU,than a person may require to apply for a permit before the Sweden Visa visit. What type of  permit you require to apply for relied on how long an individual stay in Sweden. Whenever an individual visit in Sweden will be equal or less than ninety days,a person may require to apply for a visit visa. Whenever an individual stay in Sweden will be greater than ninety days he should need for a visitor residence visa permit.

It depends on the purpose of your travel to Sweden, there are many types of visas that will apply to the occasion.

Requirement for Sweden Visa

General required documents for a Sweden Visa Application:

  • 1st step is to download the Sweden Visit Visa Application form.Complete fill it and with loyalty. A person can also complete the Sweden Visit Visa application form electronically.Make a hard copy of it.
  • 2nd Passport size photos should be attached, the requirement is a recent whole-face capture with a light background color. Try to learn more about photo requirements and specification for a Sweden Visa.
  • 3rd Candidate passport and copies of your previous visas should applicable for at least three  months beyond return date.. The  passport  should have min 2 blank pages.
  • 4th The duplicate-copy of your return ticket reservation.Ticket  is not required to buy the ticket before getting the visa – if not otherwise needed
  • 5th The health insurance Travel confirmation of minimum 30,000 Euros complete cover within Sweden .
  • 6th The cover- letter defining the purpose to visit to Sweden must be attached.
  • 7th The Flight ticket reservation with dates and flight no’s specifying entry and exit from Sweden should be attached.
  • 8th The Hotel reservation for the whole time frame of the intended stay in Sweden should be attached
  • 9th The proof of civil status i-e marriage certificate, birth and death certificate of children should be attached.
  • 10th The Substances  means –the  Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Sweden should be attached. The outsider  who seeks to enter the territory of Sweden must be able to attest possessing Four Fifty SEK or 26€/day of stay in Sweden, when applying for a Sweden Visa to the Swedish Embassy or Consulate.
  • 11th The Employment contract Should be attached
  • 12th about Current bank statement of the latest sixmonths.
  • 13th about ITR ( Income- Tax Return) form or Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of pay.
  • 14th The copy of your business license.
  • 15th The Company statement of bank for the latest Six months
  • 16th about Income Tax Return (ITR).

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Sweden Visa for Business Purposes:

For Business Purpose,Requirements For Sweden Visa is

  • 1st about Letter of invitation from company of Swedish you will be going and complete  address along with the dates of visit.
  • 2nd about employer certificate defining/allowing your business travel.
  • 3rd is about If there were recently trade connection between the two organizations,than proof should  be provided.
  • 4th is business statement bank of the recent 6 months.
  • 5th is memoran-dum and Association Article in original certified copy Proprietorship/Partnership documents.
  • 6th is about the applicant expenditures during visit in the Sweden.

Apply for a Sweden visa through an embassy

Whenever any foreigner embassy does not have an agreement with an external service provider, he should apply directly at the embassy. Please kept in mind that it is compulsory that you check to make sure what applies in your case. Now you can easily find more information on the embassy’s website.

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