Thailand Visit Visa | Application form 2020 | Humara Visa

Thailand Visit Visa | Application form 2020 | Humara Visa



Each year a number of international tourists are attracted by Thailand. This visa is of high demand and it is valid for either 3 months or 6 months. The visa holders, upon arrival, are allowed to stay in Thailand Visit Visa for maximum 60 days.

Those visa holders who want to extend their stay may file an application in the immigration office in Thailand for which they’ll be required to pay the fee.



  1. A passport or a travel document which must have a validity of at least 6 months following the intended date of departure.
  2.  Visa application form.
  3. 1 Recent photograph with white background (4×6 cm).
  4. National identity card
  5. Bank statement of past 6 months
  6. Round trip flight tickets. (paid in full)
  7. Sufficient travel finances (at least 20,000 bath per person and 40,000 bath per family)
  8. Additional documents may be required according to the current situation.

Download the application form:





  1. Those who do not have genuine documents.
  2. If the person doesn’t have appropriate means of living there e.g. no hotel booking or any friend or relative then that person isn’t allowed to enter the country.
  3. Being mentally unstable or having any serious disease then that person cannot apply under visit visa for that matter medical visa shall be opted.
  4. If someone has been imprisoned by the Thai court in the past or has been countered in any unlawful activity, except for if the penalty has been for a minor offense, or some sort of negligence or if the person is provided exemption by The Ministerial Regulations .
  5. The behavior of a person which could possibly cause problem to the public.
  6. One who does not have money or bond which is prescribed by the Minister under section 14 of the Immigration Act B.E.2522 (1979)
  7. A person wont be allowed if found out that he/she is involved in any immoral activity such as prostitution, woman or children trafficking, drugs, smuggling, money laundering etc
  8. If a person has been deported by the government of Thailand or any other foreign country or if he/she is blacklisted in any country by competent officials, that person cannot enter Thailand unless provided exemption by the Minister on individual basis.



U.S $ 30 or equivalent per entry

The tourist visa fee is subject to change without the prior notice

Transit Visa4,306 PKR3 monthsallowed to stay for 30 days
Tourist Visa  (single entry)5666 PKR3 monthsAllowed to stay for 60 days
Tourist Visa (Multiple entry)27201 PKR6 monthsAllowed to stay for 60 days (each entry)
Non Immigrant Visa (single entry)11,334 PKR3monthsStay not more than 90 days
Non Immigrant Visa (multiple entry)27201 PKR6-12 months90 days stay (each entry)



In case a person is on a holiday in Thailand and he/she dies there, the embassy in Bangkok will assist the family of the deceased in order to return his/her body to the home. This is however a costly process so mostly people prefer the burial in Thailand or if they opt for cremation they then take the ashes back home for a formal funeral.

In order to hand over the body/ ashes to the family the embassy requires:

  1. A death certificate
  2. Letter from the police
  3. Passport of the deceased

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