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Turkmenistan Visa | Turkmenistan Tourism | Turkmenistan | 2021|

Turkmenistan Visa | Turkmenistan Tourism | Turkmenistan | 2021|

Turkmenistan tourist visa

Getting a Turkmenistan Visa is not possible without booking a tour. Getting a transit visa might require a long wait, but you do NOT need to book a tour and do NOT need visa support from a tour company (LOI). A transit visa allows a visit of up to 5 days sometimes 7 days which is an exceptional case but it happens some time you get 3 days.

Tourist visa is expensive for Turkmenistan because you have to make a booking from any tour company. Tour companies offers a prices range from 120$ to 250$ per day, including guide, driver, accommodation and food but you can cut your costs by sharing with other people or going on a group tour which is not a big deal.

You have to follow the instructions of your tour company in order to receive your visa. Your e-mailed code will be converted into a real visa on your arrival at the border, your guide will be waiting there for you to facilitate your further process.

Turkmenistan visa requirements

Visa requirements for transit visa application:
  • 1 filled out Turkmenistan visa application form – download from Turkmen migration site
  • A passport-sized photo
  • Passport (with 2 empty pages) of minimum 6 months validity after the expiry.
  • A letter describing your purpose of transit and route through Turkmenistan written by yourself.
  • A copy of your main passport page and visas of the two countries you are travelling to/from.
  • photocopies of your airline ticket you are using
  • You do not necessary need an LOI for a transit visa

If you do not need a visa for the countries you are going to, explein that to the embassy staff and they will understand it.

If applying via post and e-mail

Previously travelers managed to apply via the post, but now e-mail is also a valid option. Some countries are already using it there are likely others who will respond as well. Comments are also welcome via e-mail threads.

Visa fee

Entry Visa
Entry Visa
Expedited Single
Entry Visa
Expedited Multiple
Entry Visa
Up to 10 days35.0075.0055.00135.00
Up to 20 days45.0075.0075.00135.00
Up to 1 month55.0075.0095.00135.00
Up to 2 months85.00115.00155.00215.00
Up to 3 months115.00155.00215.00295.00
Up to 4 months145.00195.00275.00375.00
Up to 5 months175.00235.00335.00455.00
Up to 6 months205.00275.00395.00535.00
Up to 7 months235.00315.00455.00615.00
Up to 8 months265.00355.00515.00695.00
Up to 9 months295.00395.00575.00775.00
Up to 10 months325.00435.00635.00855.00
Up to 11 months355.00475.00695.00935.00
Up to 12 months385.00515.00755.001015.00

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