Uzbekistan Visa | Uzbekistan Tourism | Uzbekistan | Tourist Visa | 2021|

Uzbekistan Visa | Uzbekistan Tourism | Uzbekistan | Tourist Visa | 2021|

Uzbekistan Visa Introduction

Uzbekistan is well known for its mausoleums, mosques, Silk Road and mountains. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan which have a great history. It is in central Asia and a landlocked country with no beach. They has the largest gold deposits among the globe. Samarkand, Bukhara, Andijan, and Tashkent are the main cities of Uzbekistan. Uzbek handicrafts of wood, gold, calligraphy, paint and tables, lacquered boxes and many other items are very famous. Now Uzbekistan Visa is not as difficult as it was before.

The Uzbekistan Visa Policies and Types

Uzbekistan issue visa for travel purpose which are for Tourism, Study, Business and Diplomat.

Uzbekistan Tourist Visa
A Uzbekistan e visa
  • A Work Visa
  • A Transit Visa
  • And a Business Visa

Uzbekistan Visit Visa Requirements

  • Passport Original.
  • 3 Passport Size Photo.
  • N. I. C. photo Copy.
  • Business Covering Letter or Business Card will also work.
  • Hotel Booking receipt.

Uzbekistan Visa Terms & Condition to know

  • All visitors to Uzbekistan should have a valid return ticket as well.
  • Visa regulations and costs are subject to change any time without any prior notice.
  • A valid passport for a minimum period of 6 months recognizable.
  • If you over staying in Uzbekistan you will get fine.
  • Uzbekistan wants applicants to strictly follow their Rules and Regulations. Therefore to avoid any delay in visa processing.
  • Uzbekistani officials are continuously monitoring visa policies therefore, embassy can change instructions and guidelines any time without any prior notification issuing.


For miner children under 16 years of age:
  • Should be accompanied by their parent or guardian with an e-visa.
  • They should also have a valid biometric passport.

Children would have to stay with the validity of their parent’s or guardian’s visa and cannot exceed 90 days limit. A foreign persons who will reach the age of 16 during his or her stay will needs to obtain an exit visa at the Office of Entry/Exit and Citizenship.


Uzbekistan Visit Visa Fee Structure

The e-visa costs you 20.0 $ for a single-entry and 35.0 $ for double entry and 50.0 $ for multiple-entry.
You should make your payment via the portal, with Visa card. You can use someone else’s visa card if you do not have your own Visa card.
Payments are non-refundable once you receiving your e visa.

  • Standard processing

Selecting this option means that your visa will arrive via email in 7 Business Days with a costs of only 60 $.

  • Rush processing

You will get your visa in 5 Business Days, at a cost of 85 $.

  • Superr Rush processing

Very urgent aka as soon as possible. Your application form will be processed in 3 Business Days and at a costs of 110 $.


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