Vietnam Visa | Vietnam Tourist Visa | Vietnam Tourism | 2021 |

Vietnam Visa | Vietnam Tourist Visa | Vietnam Tourism | 2021 |

Introduction to Vietnam Visa

Vietnam visa is a kind of travel documents granted by Vietnamese competent authorities, providing permission to travel to and enter Vietnam.

Vietnam is the 15th populous country in the world. Vietnam’s capital is Hanoi. Vietnam Visa is a beautiful country with amazing places. Bus, bicycle, train, taxi

, car, cyclops are used in Vietnam for travel. Vietnam has beaches, islands,rainforests and many other attractions for tourists. Ho Chi Minh is the most populous and visited city in Vietnam. Today getting a Vietnam visa is not difficult.

Vietnam Visa

Vietnam also offers visa with an exemptions to travelers from 24 countries and with e-Visas you can travel to 80 countries. Travelers also have the option to easily apply for visa on arrival in person or online at a Vietnam consulate or embassy. Therefor below is all the information for Vietnam Visas so that you can plan your tour there.

Required documents and Policy for Vietnam Visa

Vietnam government is having the policy to issue a visa to four types of travel objectives.

The Tourist Visa for:
  • Business
  • Work and
  • Study
Vietnam Visit Visa Requirements
  • Original Passport
  • Last Six Month Bank Statement
  • Bank Maintenance Letter
  • 03 Pictures with White Background
  • CNIC Photo Copy and
  • Visa Request Letter
Vietnam e Visa

You can Travel by Vietnam E visa. Apply for visa online and get e-visa in three steps:

  • Apply for Vietnam visit visa online
  • Pay for Vietnam E-visa and
  • Get Vietnam E visa

Tourist visa validity/duration

At the moment, you may apply for either of the following types of tourist visa for:

  • A month single entry with a Visa valid for 30 days with a single entry only.
  • A month multiple entry Visa valid for 30 days with several entry during that period.
  • 3 months single entry visa with a validity is of 3 months with 30 day on stay with a single entry only.
  • 3 months multiple entry visa with a validity of 3 months in addiction to several entries during those 3 months with 30 days at maximum.

Vietnam Visa fee Schedule

The price of tourist visa for always depends on the method you choose:

  • Visa from embassy: The fee will vary depending on your nationality you belongs to.
  • Tourist visa on arrival: For this you will have 2 options, first is service fee which is paid online to process your visa approval letter with Immigration Department and is deliver to your email. Second is stamping fee which is paid by cash to Immigration Officer at airport in order to get your visa stamped.
  • The service fee is fixed for all visa type. Therefor, lets have a example, a month single entry business visa typically cost you 46.0 $ totally consisting of US $21 for our service fee and US $25 for the stamping fee.

Here is a sample table of Vietnam tourist visa on arrival fees offered by

Visa Types1 person2 person3 or moreStamping fee
1 month single entry21.0018.2617.2525.00
3 months single entry34.0030.2628.2525.00
1 month multiple entry26.0023.2522.2550.00
3 months multiple entry55.0052.2546.7550.00

The above Fee is quoted in USD.

All fees apply to normal service of 2 working days. In addiction you might needs to pay extra for urgent visa:

  • For 1 working day processing. It will cost 10 $.
  • For 4 working hours processing. It will cost 25 $.
  • For 2 working hours processing. It will cost 50 $.

Apply Online for Vietnam Visas:

Attach a scanned copy of your passport as well as a passport-size picture of yourself. Enter all the required information on the online application form. Pay the Vietnam e-Visa fee (USD 25) Wait for the visa to be processed (up to three working days) link below for more knowledge. about online visa

To apply for visa Click Here

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